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  1. Happy New Years, better late than never. I've got a slue of resolutions and many are art related. One of which is my communication with my audience and being more active. Especially with my paid subscribers. The ones who kept supporting me through out the disaster that was 2021, y'all seriously came in clutch a few times this year and I want to extent my gratitude endlessly. Just know you helped more than you know. I feel like if this is going to be my job and passion I need to start acting like it.
  2. 2021 had a lot in store for all of us in one fashion or another. Good and Bad. I'm certain that 2022 is going to be a ride for sure given the state of the world. It will be interesting for sure. But lets hit this and hit it hard. If you're not at least trying, what's the point? I'm starting to ease back into things and take my time with my next work, Its been more than 7 months since I've even picked up my pen. When I go to draw lately I've been feeling very intimidated. I'm surrounded by inspiration but terrified of drawing again. This a battle only I can fight and the only weapon I have to combat it is my pen and will power. SO if my art looks out of the "norm" its because it will be. There's a lot of changes in the near future to be made for this "SIRWOGDOG" alias I've created. One of which being more original works and less fanart. If that upsets anyone, I guarantee you that there's tens of thousands of other artists with fanart as their niche that enjoy the process of fan art more than I do. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate fanart, I just feel like I'm capping my potential with another individuals creation and exploiting it for my gain. There's a different level of achievement and happiness I feel when I've created my own original content that just doesn't even compare to just making stylistic replicas of the original. Id like to maintain a healthy balance to start because fanart is still amazing practice and can be fun.
  3. They will also be fair game for commissions in the near future. Which I'll be making more announcements on that later. Not much later, but later. I'd like to get my sea legs back for about a month or so to get back into the groove and overcome my intimidation and productivity issue. Which will pass. Until then, thanks for sticking around. Ill be around more this year for sure.


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